We’ve been having fun learning to master some desktop publishing software. Here is a sample of our latest magazine design projects; all of the lay-up was done in InDesign or Scribus and images were manipulated with Photoshop or GIMP. As these are design projects made in a limited amount of time, most of the content was sourced from the internet; copyright remains with the original authors and photographers, for whom we’re eternally grateful. If we’ve used your content and you’d like us to remove it, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Black Curls, designed by Cécilia Naquin

Concept Mag, designed by Kelsey Shelton

Ginger Love, designed by Marianne Hécart

Open Culture, designed by Laetitia Daluz

Put a Ring on it, designed by Victor Vigoureux


Recording Session, designed by Nicolas Velaidomestry

Good Ol’  Mag’, designed by Florine MORESTIN

Good Ol’  Mag’, designed by Maud BUSSON


Magical Mystery Magazine, designed by Ines ZORGATI

Tone, designed by Edmée DOPFELD

Focus, designed by Maddy BEAUTRU

Le fil, designed by Phuong NGUYEN TRAN


A.R.T. Atypical Recycling Today, designed by Mayari MANRIQUEZ

Bold, designed by Tuong-An HUYNH

Insight, designed by Alexandra Duc


cult mag., designed by Sabrina Trevisan

The Feminine Observer, designed by Marie DEALESSANDRI


I Love NYC, designed by Mathilde Kichenama

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