THE PINAULT COLLECTION: a real adventure.

The exhibition is set up in Paris, in a contemporary art museum called the Bourse de Commerce. Since the 22nd of May to the 31 of December 2021, it exposes Francois’s Pinault Collection called Ouverture. Caroline Bourgeois is the chief curator and conservator of the collection. There is an online website totally dedicated to the collection, but it does not include a virtual tour. A paper catalogue with a QR code that direct visitor to the website and audio presentations of the collection is available at the site.

Ouverture is the exhibition that represents the inaugural season of the Bouse de Commerce – Pinault Collection. According to Pinault, Ouverture it is “a manifesto on the diversity of themes within the collection: the questions of death, the passage of time, vanity, the passion for minimalism, materiality, issues relating to politics, society, gender… It is in short, a profoundly humanist vision on artworks that tirelessly question the human figure, the face and the body”.

a place that will have an educational and pedagogical vocation in favor of the most diverse publics and especially of those who are usually distant from contemporary art”.

Jean-Jacques Aillagon, CEO of Pinault-Collection

The collection is opened to everybody and the disposition of the collection is quite interesting. Every artist has its own space. On the ground level there is a roundhouse circled by a pathway where the first art works are exposed including works in situ. Then on three different floors, accessible by elevator or stairs, there are seven galleries, with high white walls where the rest of the art is displayed. The rooms are very quiet and luminous. The visitor can get really close to the artwork. Each gallery presents all the artists its exposes, then while working, each collection is introduced with a little text, or you can flash a QR code and have an audio presentation. The visitor is totally free of his movement. There is no specific route to follow. The artworks are either on the walls for the paintings, or directly disposed all over the rooms for other types of art pieces.

The visit was quite interesting. For me, it was a first experience because I do not visit museums as often as I should. What I found the most interesting is that it was an exhibition presenting many different artists and the way it is organized is really catchy. During the tour, many art pieces where very impressive, but others where quite disturbing or difficult to understand; for example a teared up black plastic bag hanging on the wall. I would recommend this exhibition to everyone. It is really nice experience.


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