Have you ever had Urban Thoughts?

If you like urban spaces and identify yourself with the curiosity of a flâneur, this Instagram account may be for you.

A week after arriving in France I was walking on the street when something called my attention. There, pasted on a bus stop there was a mini sticker featuring the statement “J’existe” / I exist. Immediately, I thought of philosophy, of being alive and occupying a space. Later, when we started an Instagram class project, I realized there were so many things, so many public space elements from which we could talk about.  

I like graffiti but I didn’t want it to be my only inspirational source. Therefore, I attempted to gather a neon installation, some painted drawings and quotes and other stickers as well. It was not about looking for specific things, but rather enjoying my walks from a more attentive perspective. Sometimes we simply pass by places, but we don’t realize they talk, they’re alive.

At first, I thought it could be a great idea to work mainly on quotes, but then I decided to integrate images as well. In the same way pieces of art at a museum trigger emotional responses in the audience, these not so evident elements that make part of the urban paths are open to interpretation.

What I basically do is to reflect on the images I find and to share them on the Instagram account @Urbanthoughts.Fr. For me it’s about posing questions that, who knows, maybe Instagram watchers could contribute to solve.   

Carolina CG

Cover picture: ©Urbanthoughts.Fr

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