Weekly Instapoetry: slices of a bittersweet and colorful life.

Colours are all around us. We come across them everyday. We are so used to them that we do not pay attention to the fact that we are impacted by the symbolism and meaning they carry on a daily basis. The Instagram account 1week1colour proposes a weekly dose of poetry inspired by colorful things and objects from our daily life.

If the pictures appear sweet and candid, the texts however, seem to carry a form of melancholy born from living in an aching world. It makes this original content both personal and universal, intimate and relatable. The accusing colours speak in the first person.

"I colour your cheecks and nose 
 through every season.
 I am the start of something fresh and new"
     - Pink - 

They explain how they are part of the little things that make our everyday lives, like a pink pair of socks or green grass in a park on a summer day, but also the once in a lifetime traumatizing events like the eruption of a volcano or fires destroying acres of land.

"As the day ended, 
 From the ground up, 
 I coloured Evia's midnight sky."
     -  Yellow -     

This account encourages us to be more careful and appreciative of our environment, the one directly surrounding us but also, at a larger scale, referring to the overall planet’s wellbeing.

When newspaper’s headlines are always so violent and harsh, this type of content is more than welcome. It still addresses pressing issues but in a more pleasant way. But if the colorful pill seems easier to swallow, it can leave the reader with a perniciously long lasting aftertaste. The distress and melancholy expressed can feed the eco-anxiety many young people suffer from. But it is also a way to raise awareness. Putting into words feelings that can be hard to express can help people relate and feel seen. Overall, the aestical aspect, both textual and visual, as well as the honesty and heart we can feel were put into this account, make it worth following.

– A. Lemarchand

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