Paris Street Art: Discovering Worldwide artists

Curious to discover? Created a few months ago @Street.Artists.Paris is an Instagram account that shows you another side of Paris, some of the most colorful streets of the city.

Follow along my journey to see not only the graffitis that I find around but also to get to know about the artists. The main goal of the account is to discover together. Each week whenever I go for a walk I capture the murals that catch my attention the most and I share them with you. Instagram account ©

Everything started with the fact of creating a personal Instagram account. That is how @Street.Artists.Paris was born. I have always been interested in art and I have always found street art amazing: the diversity of the art, the themes, the stories, the details…

What better way to start the journey than by going to Paris 13th arrondissement which is dedicated to street art. Since 2009, the 13th arrondissement has been offering Parisians and tourists a series of frescoes made by French and international artists. It all started with the Boulevard Paris 13 project which is run by the Association de Promotion des Arts Urbains et Contemporains, a non-profit association recognized as being of public utility. Its approach is to instill urban and artistic actions in the 13th arrondissement.

Le gamin de Paris by Julien Malland – Instagram account ©

Another of the most amazing street art neighborhoods in the city is Belleville which is located in the 20th arrondissement. There you can even find cafes and bakeries dedicated to and covered by graffiti.  I went last week to see Manyoly’s art pieces which unfortunately were covered by other murals but I am definitely going back to discover and to share more with you.  


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