For Those Whose Brains are at War with Themselves

If you’re in a constant battle with your anxious mind, then you’re in good company with me, the blogger behind @_inmybubble the instagram account.

How do I explain this feeling of anxiousness, numbness? Photo/Thingsmesay

I am not a medical professional by any means but I started this intimate journal on Instagram to make anxiety content a little more relatable. 

With a touch of humor and a pinch of painful experiences. Inmybubble relates the daily struggles which any anxious person deal with, constantly. From lying, finding excuses to not keep up with scheduled plans, avoiding eye contact with strangers, getting anxious to go see a doctor, trying to fit in to finally seeking comfort in cats and partners. These safety behaviors become an undetachable part and a parcel of social anxiety.

Reality is when a panic attack hits you unexpectedly, it throws you into a rabbit hole of fear of dying

Appointment anxiety: Canceled doctor appointment. Photo/CeliaxH

Mental health is no joke. It eats you up and numbs you to such an extent that you become desensitized.  It is not easy to just open up about mental illness. It comes with its own challenges and stigma. That’s what makes it hard for anxious people to be truthful about what they’re going through. 

With a light-hearted style, my account gives me a sense of freedom; letting my demons off leach for a while. Getting thoughts and emotional torture into actual words and then publish them for the world to see means letting my mental excess luggage off my back.  

I numb all my feelings so that I can seem as “normal” as everyone else


I have never thought that I’d be able to talk about my anxiety publicly until now. This is the first time I have felt surprinsingly comfortable enough to post anything online about my mental health and it feels refreshing and enlightening.

I genuinely believe that anxious people are great at hiding their fears in public that is why the stories on my instagram account are needed for the world to see. You are not alone. We are all swimming our way through life like peaceful fish.

@_inmybubble’s profile picture

I am aware that we all are struggling, but the more that we recognize ourselves in the stories of others, the more compassion we have for others and for ourselves.

There are no miracles to heal from anxiety but some healing processes do exist. Click here if you want to learn more about that. Inmybubble may not be the right space to find medical advice or information, but reading anecdotal authentic stories of someone dealing with social anxiety can be just as soothing.

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