Afghanistan: the desperate scramble to escape after Taliban takeover

A family tries to get in Kabul’s Airport to flee the country. © Reuters

Taliban is back, what next? On 15th August, Taliban militants retook control over Afghanistan’s capital, almost two decades after they were driven out from Kabul by US troops in 2001.

Following the withdrawal of foreign sources, the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country, abandoning the presidential palace to Taliban’s fighters and leaving his people behind.

People are left with no option but to escape. Thousands of Afghans have been waiting in Kabul airport in order to be evacuated as the last hope to be saved. Others are trying to get their way out overland by crossing the borders.

Amid this turmoil, foreign countries have offered the road of freedom to some. The US has said that it flew nearly 80.000 civilians out of Kabul, among which 5500 were Americans and more than 73.000 were either Afghans or from other nationalities.

UK, on its part, has helped more than 15.000 people to flee, among which 8000 Afghans.

Despite these efforts to survive this humanitarian crisis, Taliban militants have been hindering Afghans’ escape as they have set up checkpoints on the main roads leading to Kabul’s Airport and attacked people, which leaves them forced to remain under Taliban’s rule.

Now with Taliban’s return and the different attempts to flee the country, considerable attention must be directed to guarantee the security and the basic humanitarian needs to those who remain there.

Narimane DHAOUI

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