The Romanian Music Industry and artists united during lockdown

Funds to save the Romanian Music Industry

In Romania, 80 % of the music industry income is made from artistic performances, concerts and events, on March 23, 2020, the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis announced the lockdown. Every music projects, live shows and festivals were cancelled this could have had dramatic outcomes on the local music industry and local singers. To address this pandemic situation, the music label, Global Records allocated 25.000€ to a foundation which scope is to build and rebuild hospitals and 100.000€ to sustain musicians and groups that accompany singers during shows and live sessions. Global Record’s General Manager, Olga Juverdeanu, stated: “Outside from a potential assistance from the state and future measures, it is extremely important to support our own community, our line of business, to overcome altogether this situation.” On March 24, a letter was sent to the Romanian Ministry of Culture by music labels such as HaHaHa Production, Quantum Music and Global Records and singers signed under these labels. In it, they requested an implementation of regulations stating that 50% of songs broadcast on national TV and radio stations must be by Romanian artists. The Ministry of Culture gave its complete support and radio stations agreed to address the requests.

© Global Records

Live shows take over social media

As concerts, shows and festivals such as Neversea, Untold and Electric Castle were cancelled, Romanian artists took over social media to broadcast themselves. Artists from Global Records such as INNA, Antonia, Roxen and many others participated to the “Home Edition project” in which they filmed a series of videoclips in their own house. Roxen opened up the project with her song “Escape”, INNA launched a sensual videoclip in black and white of her song “Sober”. To extend the project “Acasa Suntem Bine” (We Are Well at Home) Global Record artists along with Lidl broadcast live sessions on their YouTube channels.

© Global Records


On the first of May, untold promoters organized their biggest living room party called “Untold Overnight” which was broadcasted live on the national channel ProTV and on Zoom. INNA, one of the most Romanian famous artists was invited as a special guest to perform her song “Not My Baby”, other international artists were invited, to name a few, Dirty Nano, Lost Frequencies and Dimitri Vegas.

© Untold

HaHaHa Production in partnership with TVR (Televiziunea Română) participated to a fundraiser “Separaţi, dar împreuna” (Far off but Together) organized by the Romanian beer producer Timișoreana for the Romanian Red Cross. the Romanian Youth Orchestra composed a song “Împreuna” (Together) along with the HaHaHa Production team: Felicia Donose (Feli), Andrei-Tiberiu Maria (Smiley), Şerban Cazan and Dorian Micu, the song was broadcasted on TVR, Digi 24, Antena 1, Kanal D and PRO TV. Smiley and Cabron launched the song “Cine-i Salvează pe Eroii?” (Who saves heroes?), while Tudor Chirilă launched the song “E Și Treaba Mea” (It’s also my business), all of these songs convey a message of love and solidarity. On a funnier note, Jean Gavril released a homemade song “Nu fac nimic” (I do nothing), in which he sings about being carefree at home during lockdown, through his instastory, he asked his fans to send him videos of their lockdown activities.

Many Romanian artists such as Irina Rimes, Jean Gavril and Emilian performed live shows on Instagram, Tik-Tok and Facebook. To support local artists, the phone company Vodafone created the event “Muzica de pe Canapea” (Music from the couch) in which people could watch a 30 minutes live show from their favorite artists for free or they could by a ticket to support the artists. Singers such as Tudor Chirilă, Jean Gavril, Irina Rimes and The Mono Jacks were invited to the “Muzica de pe Canapea” session.

This is how the music industry and artists showed that even though this pandemic brought up harsh times, there are many different ways of being supportive and be creative altogether.

Celic Lopez

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