Marco Rubio: A 2016 Candidate?

The state senator of Florida, Marco Rubio, has shown through the years his determination and involvement in American politics. Numerous public appearances, strong conservative ideas and a million dollar smile have made famous this Republican senator and have increased his influence in the world of politics. His name is on everyone’s lips, but what makes Marco Rubio a serious candidate for the 2016 presidential election?

Official Portrait
Marco Rubio’s Official Portrait

An American Dream

Marco Rubio is, as he calls himself in his latest book: an American son. He was born in 1971 in Miami and has Cuban origins from both sides of his family. While his parents were working hard doing housecleaning and bartending, the future senator successfully graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor of science. Then, in 1996, he passed his law doctorate at the University of Miami. A large part of his campaign to become senator of Florida was notably about his origins and how he had come a long way since his modest childhood.

Behind every Obama there is a Michelle, and Marco Rubio’s possible candidacy at the next presidential elections put his wife and family in the spotlight. Jeanette Rubio, who is a former cheerleader and a happily married woman, has supported every decision of her husband and pushed him to accomplish his dreams and stimulated his ambitions. The couple insists on the power of their relationship, and the influence of their relatives, that allow them to always move forward. Marco Rubio says, in an interview for “” that his “most important job isn’t senator. It’s father.” This sentence is emphasized by his constant will to remind us Photo by Gage Skidmoreof his family pride. His latest proof was a video of the football match of his son posted on his Facebook page, his Tweeter account, etc. This tendency to put his family forward may seem insignificant however, through his fatherly image he reflects his patriarchal behavior towards a nation.

Marco, Jeanette and their four children represent the accomplishment of the American Dream. Coming from an immigrant family, the Republican senator is the realization of an ambition that leads to an obvious success. He is a symbol of hope for thousands of immigrants and especially the Latino part of the society.

The Survival of the Fittest

Even if two years separate us from the next presidential elections, Marco Rubio has been working for it since his election to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000.
His principal interests are, for the moment, centered on his states needs. Florida represents a part of the country that he would like to shape to his image. Education, the economy, veterans and mostly nowadays the healthcare system are Marco Rubio’s main issues. Nevertheless, the senator expresses the idea that what is good for Florida could also benefit America.

He uses his own history in order to try to rebuild America through a conservative vision. His immigration plan is inspired by his family and hopes to reform and change the status of American immigrants. Marco Rubio suggests making it more difficult for them to come to America and requiring a series of tests before they can become permanent residents. For example, immigrants would have to wait at least ten years to become citizens, submit to biometric data and be subjected to numerous other obligations before being able to acquire American nationality. These increasingly conservative ideas are growing on Americans because they are in opposition to Barack Obama’s ideas on immigration. In fact, the plan of the president of the United States is interpreted by some as an open door to America for illegal immigrants. Marco Rubio represents a safe and self-centered America.

Furthermore,   his campaign mostly exists through its opposition to Barack Obama’s ideas. The main subjects of his slogans nowadays concern the “Obamacare” system that has caused an upheaval in America. Marco Rubio wants to kill off Obama’s project by making fun of it through catchphrases like “We were promised a treat, but all we’ve got was a trick” on Halloween as if this reform was a horror story. He constructs his campaigning ideas in opposition to the Democrats’ ones and increases his own popularity when Obama’s is going down. For instance, the “Rasmussen Reports” announced, on the 13th of November, that “20% [of Americans] strongly approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 45% strongly disapprove”. The 45% are possible future voters and, by offering a counter proposition to Obama’s reforms, Marco Rubio raises his chances to please the Americans.

Marco Rubio’s belonging to the Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party highlight this opposition, notably because of its strong opinion against “Obamacare”. This “party” gathers a number of important politicians such as Sarah Palin and Rand Paul who could support Marco Rubio’s possible presidential campaign. This really conservative movement could bring more supporters to Marco Rubio’s cause and increase the number of politicians backing him.

Apart from his unconditional love for Americans, Marco Rubio also possesses the support of his conservative party and he reflects the image of a “republican savior”. His Cuban origins, his political career and his strong determination to confront the actual president’s ideas make of Marco Rubio a strong potential candidate for 2016.

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